Investing in fixed assets such as architectural interiors, utilities, and furniture is necessary.  But, what happens to those investments in the face of constant change?  How can you create workspaces that easily reconfigure, rewire, or even completely retask?  As one of the world’s largest workspace manufacturers, Haworth has spent years studying the way people work, so they understand that your spaces have to perform on many levels.  With Haworth’s products, you’ll find solutions to help you create inspiring workspaces that look great, anticipate change, support multiple applications, maximize technology, and deliver time-tested quality and durability.


Great spaces surpass expectations today, and evolve effortlessly over time.  From small hoteling rooms to private offices and open break areas, moveable walls adapt to your vision, establish continuity at every turn, and help you create truly great spaces.
Enclose walls look permanent, but are designed to move, aiding a company’s ability to grow and evolve as business needs change (with minimal waste!).  With wide-ranging aesthetics, from fun wall colors to sophisticated wood options, LifeSPACE and Enclose moveable walls can easily change locations while mantaining continuity within a company’s overall identity.Integrating moveable walls into your renovations allows not only flexibility, but also a sustainable solution to space division.  Moveable walls allow the use of continuous floor and ceiling planes—walls are installed between them, enabling virtually 100% reuse of existing doors, ceilings, and walls during reconfiguartion.  LifeSPACE and Enclose walls are pre-manufactured to site specification, using fewer materials up front and generating less waste on site to install.

Access flooring from Haworth can be an integral design choice for creating a great space—providing unlimited creative opportunities, accessible utilities, and highly sustainable environments.  Combining Nexus or TecCrete with our adaptable utility solutions such as underfloor air, voice, data, and power offers an unprecedented level of convenience and adaptability for all great spaces.
Nexus is specifically designed for renovations, fitting comfortably into any infrastructure.  2.5 vertical inches, it’s one of the lowest access floors you can find.  Yet, it provides ample space for voice, data, and power to be installed under the floor, where it’s easy to install, access, and change at a moment’s notice.  Nexus is constructed of steel-wrapped MDF on a webbed support, therefore being strong and quiet.  Plus, it weighs in at just 4.6 pounds per square foot, making it perfect for older buildings with weight restrictions.TecCrete’s proof is in its performance.  Library quiet and rock solid, TecCrete attenuates sound effectively.  Constructed of 1-1/8″ concrete-and-steel panels, they are the most rigid in the industry, offering 50% less flex than other options.  With available heights from three to thirty inches, TecCrete accommodates just about any application.  TecCrete is available with a concentrated load rating of 1,250 or 2,000 pounds to withstand the heavy rolling and impact loads that occur during construction without permanently denting or bowing.
Utility Solutions

Great spaces arise from an ability to perform, adapt, and support the poeople who rely on them day after day.  Through flexible and well engineered utilities, Haworth and PBI can help you create great spaces that best adapt to change.  By incorporating Haworth utilities in the walls, under the floor, and into furniture, you can create an environment with a clean aesthetic and high performance to match.
Our adaptive solutions—such as the Power Web and the Power Base modular electrical systems, and Pre-Terminated Zone voice and data distribution—make voice, data, and power easy to plug and play.  Components snap together without tools for fast installation.  And when furniture, walls, and workspaces are moved, the easily reachable utilities quickly adapt to meet them.