Our Process

Phase 1
Your Existing Space

The initial site visit is the first step in our design process.  We will meet at your space to determine the scope of the project, whether that be refreshing an existing area or starting from scratch.  We will document the project by taking measurements and photos of what is existing, and we will collaborate with your architect/design partner on a new construction project. Our team of designers have a thorough knowledge of industry trends that will create a functional and beautiful space for you.

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Phase 2
Drawings/Floor Plans

Using the information gathered from our initial site visit, we will create drawings of your existing space.  Once we have an existing floor plan, our designers will work from those to create a demolition plan and updated floor plans for your new space.  We can then combine these scaled drawings with the desired functionality of the area, enabling us to create a variety of options for you to choose from.

Phase 3
The Demo

While your space is being cleared into a blank slate, our designers are working on making the project fit your budget and vision.

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Phase 4

Once we have determined the overall design concept, the rendering process begins and you will be able to see the selected finishes applied to the space, giving you a realistic image of the finished product. This is where renderings and virtual walkthroughs become a reality!

Phase 5
The Final Product

Our team transforms the renderings to a finished product including complete detailed plans and specifications, furniture selections and finishes, aesthetic elements, accessories, and lighting. These phases come together to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional new space!